Three-Step Approach to Boost Productivity

Shamir Islam · May 16, 2023

One simple way to become more productive is by consciously separating planning, execution, and review. Instead of relying on productivity tools or apps, focus on these three fundamental steps.

Firstly, dedicate a specific time for planning your workday, week or month. During this time, review your past performance and goals in order to plan future tasks based on the projects you have. While planning, avoid distractions and solely concentrate on organizing your schedule and calendar.

Once you’ve planned properly, move onto execution. Generally speaking, it’s not necessary to change plans daily or weekly; monthly adjustments may be required though. When executing tasks based on your plan, put your head down and prioritize each task one at a time without considering alternatives or daydreaming about other possibilities.

After completing the execution cycle comes reviewing results. Reflect upon how well you performed according to the initial plan and identify areas that could be improved upon as well as those that went particularly well. Jot down notes during this process – they don’t need to be elaborate but should serve as valuable input for future planning cycles.

By consistently separating these three modes – planning, executing and reviewing – you’ll gradually improve over time regardless of which app or tool is being used (even pen-and-paper works). This method helps increase productivity by cutting out distractions while keeping focused throughout each step of the process.

Remember: stay diligent when executing tasks according to the plan set forth during the dedicated planning phase in order to maximize efficiency while minimizing distractions from shiny objects along the way!

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